Test Your Problem-Solving Skills

Visit our escape room today

An escape room is a game that combines imagination, intelligence and social skills. At Keywork Escape Games, you'll find out if you have what it takes to win it all. You'll work with your team to solve puzzles, accomplish tasks and look for clues to escape the room. Each room will have a theme and a backstory. We change our rooms on a regular basis so that you can take on different challenges.
No pressure, but the clock is ticking. You'll only get an hour to escape the room.

The skills you need to succeed

Not only are escape rooms an excellent team-building exercise, but they also make learning fun. To escape the room, you need to:

  • Think outside the box to find solutions
  • Read, solve math equations and remember information
  • Communicate well with your teammates

If you get frustrated with your teammates, you decrease your chances of escape. Come experience our escape room for just $27 a person.